Fresh Dentistry Case Study


Custom Mouthguards from Trained Professionals
Fresh Dentistry is committed to allencompassing dental care, which includes the use of mouthguards during sports activities. This creates a challenge, as every mouthguard needs to be fitted to each athlete, preferably by a trained professional. Previously, Fresh Dentistry would set up a temporary tent, but they didn’t have running water, air-conditioning, or complete protection from wind, rain, and other elements. Simply put, they needed a comfortable atmosphere where kids and athletes felt safe. What if you could have a complete mouthguard-fitting office on wheels? What if you could take everything you need to create the perfect custom mouthguard and combine it all into a welcoming, effective vehicle? That was the challenge brought to VQuip; a challenge we gladly accepted!
Bringing Custom Mouthguards Straight to the Field
Through innovative engineering, flexible design, and quality construction, we created a van that has everything Fresh Dentistry needs to create custom mouthguards in any location. We talked with their team to understand specific needs, then we built a tailor-made vehicle that helps them achieve their goals. Thanks to our innovative designs and thorough build process, Fresh Dentistry is now creating high-quality mouthguards for athletes all over Melbourne and the surrounding area. We are proud to be a part of Fresh Dentistry’s work, and we’ll stand behind our custom van long after the dental team takes the keys…