OneSchool Case Study


A comfortable and economically packaged bus fit out within a smaller wheelbase layout was needed by OneSchool. These buses would take our national bus fitout capacity to the next level if we achieved Second Stage engineering compliance throughout Australia.
Paying close attention to detail and in accordance to ADR guidelines, VQuip fitted each OneSchool bus with a passenger capacity of 10 seats. To comply with strict new regulations and qualify for second stage compliance our design team developed new universal seat legs and mounts. This gave the bus a smarter and more refined finish whilst also providing us with a new design for buses in the future. As the buses were assembled not only in our Head Office in Scoresby but also at production facilities in Sydney and Brisbane, our Process Engineer invested heavily in fine tuning and expanding our Standard Operation Procedure (S.O.P) Guidelines. This ensured that the same high quality product would be assembled consistently at each location.