Towing & Access Accesories

Heavy-Duty Towbar

The Heavy-Duty Towbars also features a removable Trailer Ball Mount. When you are not towing, simply remove the retaining clip & hitch pin, and the Trailer Ball Mount slides straight out.
Load Rating/Ball Weight – 1900/190

Steps/Rear Loops

All of the steps and loop products are finished in the spray booth with a quality two-pac urethane finish. The aluminium bars are sanded and polished using up-to-date machinery ensuring a quality mirror finish. Finally, the product goes through the packing area where brackets and fasteners are added prior to the product being wrapped and prepared for despatch.

Heavy Duty Galvanised Step with Tow/No Tow


  • Full rear door width, anti-slip tread
  • Perfect for accessing rear doors and/or roof racks
  • Parking Sensors Relocation Brackets
  • Optional Plug & Play Wiring Kit

Loop Rear Protector

These come in 2 different options:

  1. No tow – All black, chequer step,
  2. Heavy Duty Tow – All black, alloy step (Towing Capacity: 1900kg / Ball weight: 190kg)